Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let them eat Cake, well Cupcakes!

El Diablo Cupcake
 Never have we been more excited to try a place on the list, as we were to try The Atlanta Cupcake Factory! As recommended by Southern Living, we ordered the El Diablo cupcake (ok so we ordered a 6 pack of assorted cupcakes to savor over the Great Snow of 2011) But the first one we tried was the El Diablo. The El Diablo is a delicious dark chocolate cake that just melts but then it kicks up a notch with cayenne heat! The combination of chocolate and heat are a winning one!!! Definitely treat yourself to the El Diablo!

The cupcake goddess behind the counter was super friendly to the line of customers that was out the door. The gentleman in front of us was there on emergency mission to pick up more Red Velvet cupcakes for his young daughter's birthday, he just did not feel like his wife had provided an adequate stash. After trying the Red Velvet cupcake- I'm not sure there could ever be enough! In addition to the El Diablo & Red Velvet we also tried the chocolate-chocolate, lemon-lemon, sugar cookie/white chocolate with raspberry sauce and coconut-almond. Hey don't judge us we only ate in the name of research!!! Each cupcake was delicious- the cake part was well I hate this word but moist and the icing was to die for. We highly recommend making a trip to the Atlanta Cupcake Factory! 4.5 out of 5 peaches can't be wrong!

The Atlanta Cupcake Factory
624 North Highland Avenue NE
www. theatlantacupcakefactory.com

Until next time Happy Eating Y'all!