Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taqueria del Sol

Hello fellow foodie friends!

The next step on our fabulous food journey led us to Taqueria Del Sol, we went to the Westside location, just like our friends at Southern Living. We hadn't really spent in anytime in the "Westside" before and let me just it was sorta fab! There's lots of great home furnishing shops, restuarants and a new Anthropologie, what makes it better is it's all walkable! It was a tad chilly on our outing, but we couldn't resist peeking around- so glad we did!!!

Now let's talk Tacos!!! Southern Living suggested items: Fish & Memphis Tacos. Shawna ordered the Fish Tacos: Tilapia dipped in an egg wash, rolled in corn masa and bread crumbs and deep-fried. Served with poblano tartar sauce and pickled jalapeƱos. At first bite she said okay, but once she got further into the taco- the flavors came together and equaled yummy!  I ordered the Memphis-Chopped smoked pork with a spicy jalapeƱo coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce. And felt the same way, at first I didn't see what the fuss was about, but when the flavors all came together, I was happy! Just because one taco didn't seem enough I also ordered the Brisket-Shredded beef brisket with pico de gallo. Simple but good. We enjoyed a trio consisting of salsa, guacamole & cheese dip. All three were delightful!

We enjoyed our tacos on a Saturday at lunch, there was a line out the door. But never fear, the line moves quickly. You go in place order & grab a seat your order will be out in a jif!!! It was interesting mix of people- so the people watching was goood stuff! And the magaritas looked sensational. Next time I'll be getting a pitcher- yea, that's right a pitcher and a DD!!!

All in all we found Taqueria del Sol to be a fun spot with good food. We will defintely make it back that way! Taqueria del Sol lands a solid 3 peaches! Enjoy!!

Until next time, happy eating y'all!!!