Tuesday, March 15, 2011

That's FRESH!


590-A Auburn Avenue, NE
(corner of Auburn & Randolph)
Atlanta, GA 30312

I know I know I know...I haven't updated in over a month...unacceptable. And in the interest of full disclosure it's not because we haven't been anywhere or because I've been super busy, nope I've just been lazy. So accept my apologies and know that I'm going to try to do better!!!

So, let's talk LottaFrutta in the Historic Old Fourth Ward. As recommended by Southern Living Shawna ordered the Limonatta Gourmet Fruit Cup: a combo of fresh cut cantaloupe, coconut, cucumber, pineapple, watermelon, mango and papaya topped with fresh lime juice and spicy chile guajillo. And it's true what that sticker in the window says:

While the Limonatta was SUPER FRESH it was a bit strong for my delicate tastebuds (ha ha ha), but Shawna definitely recommends. I opted for a LottaMora Smoothie: Mora (Andean Blackberry), Bannas, Strawberries blended with your choice of Milk or Water. I choose Milk. SO refreshing and unbeliveably well FRESH. The only thing that would've made it better would be the addition of RUM! Seriously, though best smoothie ever!

LottaFrutta was a very friendly neighborhood place.  They have a great menu to choose from and it all looked delish and the best part- yep, it's all FRESH. We give Lotta Frutta four and a half peaches out five. Go get you some!!

Until the next time, Happy Eating Y'all!!!