Friday, December 3, 2010


Hey y'all!

Let me start off with an apology for the very very delayed posting. I'm still recovering for the Thanksgiving fest! Thanksgiving brought our family from Richmond, VA.  For those we don't know we have a brother Jon who is married to a lovely little lady Amanda and they have 4 AMAZING (so what if I'm bias?) kids, here's the line-up: Will 10, Grace 8, Ella 6, Jack 2. And of course Momma Shields also joined us in the Atl.

I tell you all this background information because these were our first official SPOTLIGHT guests. Now here's where it gets fun, we explained to Will, Grace & Ella our Atlanta food challenge and they jumped right on board. Will & Grace both love BBQ, so what better time to hit one of our 20 places to eat in Atlanta, Fox Brothers BBQ! And to add a twist Grace, 8 asked if she could write the blog review for Fox Brothers so I'm happy to post Grace's review:

"Fox brothers best food in Atlanta ribs yummy kids food corn dog and chicken fingers grilled cheese sandwich wow wow wow the service is awesome our waitress was so nice her name is Charlie I love that name!!! Fried pickle amazing you must come here!!!"
      Special guest!!


Pretty impressive for a first time review, right? I told you they were AMAZING kids!

Now that I've presented Grace's review, let me tell you my take on the Southern Living recommendation of the Fox Bros "Burger", here's the menu description:

"Chopped brisket topped with bacon,tomato, red onion,pickles, melted pimento cheese,and jalapeno may on buttered, toasted, sesame seed bun."

Now to be perfectly honest, I am not a pimento cheese fan, but as part of this challenge, we are trying the foods exactly as recommended, so here I go...

OMG- pimento cheese never tasted so good. The combination of the flavors made this "burger" were spot on! I would have never ordered this on my own, so thank you Southern Living! This sandwich is very hearty to say the least, I didn't even make it half way through- so if you don't have an extra heavy appetite I would recommend sharing or if you like to eat like the Shields- order a few different things from the menu to share. I doubt you'll be disappointed!

As Grace mentioned before, Charlie our server was super cool, very helpful and patient- even letting Ella go rogue with order of a salad with just lettuce, shredded cheese and ranch. Ella said it was the best salad she ever had! HAH.

If you are looking for good fun in a relaxed atmosphere check out Fox Bros. BBQ!(

Based on your experience we give Fox Bros. BBQ a solid four peaches.

Until next time- Happy Eating Y'all!

p.s. For those of you wondering what happened to Jon, Amanda & Jack during this review- they were enjoying a little R & R after a long day of traveling and family fun!


  1. Now you know Lurlene is the BBQ Queen! Atlanta BBQ...hummmmmm.

  2. Love me some GA BBQ!

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